Keitech lure and swimbaits weight chart


How much do Keitech swimbaits and lures weight?

Keitech Model Namelength, incheslength, cmLure Weight, g
Swing Impact FAT2.8″73.5
Swing Impact FAT3.3″8.45.6
Swing Impact FAT3.8″9.78.5
Swing Impact FAT4.3″1110.3
Swing Impact FAT4.8″1212.8
Swing Impact FAT5.8″1522.8
Swing Impact FAT6.8″1736.5
Swing Impact FAT7.8″19.554.2
Swing Impact2″0.9
Swing Impact2,5″1.3
Swing Impact3″2.0
Swing Impact3.5″3.2
Swing Impact4″4.6
Swing Impact4.5″8.9
Easy Shiner2″1.0
Easy Shiner3″2.0
Easy Shiner3.5″3.9
Easy Shiner4″5.5
Easy Shiner4.5″7.6
Easy Shiner5″10.4
Easy Shiner6.5″23.4
Easy Shiner8″43.0
Shad Impact2″0.9
Shad Impact3″2.1
Shad Impact4″5.1
Hog Impact3″1.4
Live Impact4″3
Custom Leech3″

Some of the actual values do not correspond to the manufacturer’s stated nameplate data, but to the actual weight of specific instances. Swimbaits even from one blister have a scattering of values.

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