About Me

I’ve been into fishing since the late 90’s. It is just my hobby, so I don’t have the opportunity to be on the water very much. But I still spend 70-90 days a year near the water doing my favorite activity. 

During this time I have accumulated a lot of experience, which I will share.

The main direction of fishing is spinning, lure fishing. My most popular fish – pike, in winter – zander, but the rest of the fish: perch, catfish, asp and others also like to catch. Just maybe I spend less time. 
Catching predatory fish with spinning tackle reflects my temperament. I like to be mobile, check a lot of new places, move a lot. If I do take a float rod in my hands, it is rather an exception. 

All texts reflect my personal opinion based on my experience and understanding of fishing. I do not impose my vision on anyone. With pleasure I will read your comments and additions. Interaction and exchange of experience leads to better results and to improvement in fishing.

My Instagram https://www.instagram.com/zmicerblogby/

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