Deeper smart fishfinder chirp + review
Deeper smart fishfinder chirp + reviewGear
At the time of writing this article, I have been using the Deeper Smart Fishfinder Chirp + for over two years. In total, I have made about 80 fishing trips
Fishfinder kit for a small boat
Deeper SonarGear
I will tell you about my fishfinder kit for a small boat. This will apply more to an inflatable boat or kayak and those cases when the boat is bigger but
Backpack for hiking fishing
Ranger 75 l backpackGear
More than half of my fishing trips in recent years, and almost all my fishing trips in previous years, were from the shore. And I had to go to the river
The best braid for fishing reels based on my personal experience
Best braid for fishing reelGear
In this article, I will tell you what I think are the best fishing braids for reel at the moment and how I use them. I fish in fresh water.
Shimano reel braid capacity chart
Shimano Nasci Braid capacityGear
Before you buy a fishing reel, you need to know its capacity. Some people like a deep spool, others a shallow one. Different thicknesses of braided line
Shimano reel diagrams parts lists
The links below allow you to download the necessary Shimano reel diagrams parts lists. I posted these pdfs to help with fishing reel repairs.
Keitech lure and swimbaits weight chart
How much do Keitech swimbaits and lures weight? Keitech Model Name length, inches length, cm Lure Weight, g Swing Impact FAT 2.8″ 7 3.5 Swing Impact FAT 3.3″
Catching pike on an weedless frog lures
We will talk about artificial Weedless frog Lures with hooks pressed to the body. They have no extra details such as front legs, so the bait has a phenomenal passability.
How to treat braided fishing line to protect it from freezing
A classic winter fishing question – what should I do to keep the braid and rod guides from freezing up? It didn’t leave me out either.
A Little Tip for the Heat
In summer, I usually take two 1.5-liter bottles of water in my backpack on a hiking fishing trip. I freeze one beforehand. Gradually the ice in the second